Pride & Prejudice: The Remix Part 1

It's no secret about the recent stereotypical prejudice incident in Philly involving two Black men sitting in Starbucks waiting for their business partner. Groups of people have rallied together to boycott Starbucks due to racism. For starters I have boycotted Starbucks once since the incident because they did not have caramel or hazelnut, but I …

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The Barstool- A Short Story

"Hello beautiful, here alone?" "Uh...hi, um yes." "Mind if I sit? Been up dancing since I got in here." "I noticed. Seems like the ladies like your moves." "Can't keep em off me," he winked & smiled. She focused on her drink. "What's your poison for the night?"  "Pinot Grigio, you?" "Henny." "Explains those moves." …

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